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49ERS Schedule and Results

9/6 NY JETS W,36-30 OT--- Stars of the Game-- Steve Young- 26/46 363 yards 3 TD's-- Garrison Hearst- 20 carries 187 yds 2 TD's-- J.J Stokes- 7 receptions 111 yards 2 TD's-- Notes: Jerry Rice also filled in with 6 receptions and a TD catch in his big return. GO JERRY! YOU DA MAN!

9/14 Washington W 45-10--- Steve Young- 21/32 303 yards 3 TD's-- Garrison Hearst- 22 carries 138 yards TD Jerry Rice- 4 receptions 84 yards Notes: Terrell Owens, Marc Edawards and J.J. Stokes also had 4 receptions each and on defense Bryant Young and Roy Barker each registered 2 sacks a piece.

9/20 Bye  

9/27 Atlanta W 31-20--- Steve Young- 28-39 387 yards-- Jerry Rice- 8 receptions 162 yards-- Garrison Hearst- 4 receptions 105 yards-- Notes: Zack Bronson- 2 interceptions. Chris Doleman- 2 sacks

10/4 Buffalo- L 21-26

10/11 New Orleans W 31-0--- Steve Young- 21-40 309 yards 3 TD's 0 INT's-- Terrell Owens- 6 receptions 94 yards-- Jerry Rice- 6 receptions 79 yards-- Notes: Niners D was great. Chris Doleman lead the way with 4 sacks and Bryant Young had 1.5 sacks

10/18 INDIANAPOLIS W 34-31--- Steve Young- 33-51 331 yards 2 TD's 0 INT's-- J.J. Stokes- 9 receptions 110 yards TD-- Terrell Owens- 7 receptions 79 yards TD-- Notes: Steve Young set an NFL record by throwing for 300+ yards in six straight games. He also had 2 rushing TD's including a 23 yard romp that was vintage Steve.

10/25 St. Louis W 28-10--- Steve Young- 13-24 227 yards 3 TD's-- Terell Owens- 5 receptions 120 yards 2 TD's(1 catch, 1 run)-- Jerry Rice- 4 receptions 64 yards TD-- Roy Barker- 5 solo tackles along with 4 sacks-- Notes: Jerry Rice set the record previously set by Art Monk for receptions in consecutive games with 184.

11/1 Green Bay- L 22-36--- I don't know what else to say except God must be a Packer fan.

11/8 CAROLINA W 25-23--- Ty Detmer- 21-35 268 yards 3 TD's-- Garrison Hearst- 22 carries 90 yards-- Jerry Rice- 5 receptions 79 yards-- J.J. Stokes- 5 receptions 61 yards TD-- Terrell Owens- 4 receptions 72 yards 2 TD's-- Notes: Ken Norton Jr. had 11 tackles and Chris Doleman had another 4 sack game. Congrats to Wade Richey who made the game winning 46 yard field goal with 33 seconds left. I am sure the folks at LSU are choking on their words now..Congrats Wade!!

11/15 Atlanta- L 19-31

11/22 NEW ORLEANS W 31-20--- Steve Young- 22-31 290 yards 4 TD's-- Garrison Hearst- 25 carries 90 yards & 4 receptions 103 yards TD-- J.J. Stokes- 6 receptions 72 yards-- Terrell Owens- 4 receptions 42 yards 2 TD's Notes: Jerry Rice filled in with 3 receptions and a TD reception. Bryant Young led the defense with 2 sacks

11/30 NY GIANTS W 31-7--- Steve Young- 19-33 253 yards 2 TD's-- Garrison Hearst- 20 carries 166 yards-- Terrell Owens- 4 receptions 140 yards TD-- Notes- Well the Jerry Rice saga went into effect. Young forced ball after ball into double coverage trying to get it to Rice. After the game Rice realized his role so hopefully everything will be ok. On a sad note Bryant is out for the remainder of the season with a broken leg.

12/6 Carolina W 31-28(OT)--- Steve Young- 19-31 213 yards 2TD's-- Garrison Hearst- 20 carries 139 yards TD-- Jerry Rice- 5 receptions 36 yards-- Notes: J.J. Stokes had 2 TD receptions. Terry Kirby filled in nicely with 9 carries for 68 yards. He also threw a 28 yard touchdown pass to Terrell Owens.

12/14 DETROIT W 35-13--- Steve Young- 12-18 82 yards 1 TD-- Garrison Hearst- 24 carries 198 yards 1 TD-- Jerry Rice- 4 receptions 26 yards-- Notes: Merton Hanks and Darnell Walker filled in with an interception each. For all the sportscasters that said the Niners were gonna lose and that they are on their way down. Here's to you...suckin my #&*%!

12/20 New England L 21-24

12/27 ST. LOUIS W 38-19--- Steve Young- 22-32 288 yards 2TD's-- Terrell Owens- 5 receptions 85 yards TD-- Jerry Rice- 4 receptions 49 yards TD-- Notes- Wade Richey had 2 field goals and R.W. McQuarters had a 72 yard punt return for a TD. Garrison Hearst is questionable for the Green Bay game on Sunday. Terry Kirby is slated to replace him in the backfield.

(M- Monday night) All Times Pacific. Home games in CAPS

NFC WILD CARD GAME- 49ERS 30 Packers 27--- Steve Young- 18-32 182 yards 3TD's-- Garrison Hearst- 22 carries 128 yards-- J.J. Stokes- 5 receptions 58 yards-- Terrell Owens 3 receptions 73 yards-- Notes: Greg Clark(tight end) had 2 TD receptions. The return of Charles Haley was a big plus for the Niners. Congrats to Wade Richey who quietly hit 3 field goals. And Terrell Owens on that huge catch. Hopefully now Terrell will get the respect he deserves.


Movie(Avi format): The greatest play in 49er history. This a clip of the "Catch".