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Links from people I know

Here are some links I think you will enjoy. If you wish to have your page linked e-mail me and I'll put it up. Only wrestling pages need apply. Don't send me any Barney crap and expect me to post the address.

Links 4 You

Dan's Official DX Page: If you like Degeneration X Dan has a great page for you. Full of DX pics sounds and rumors!!
Bethy's Page: She has all sorts of interesting things. Not wrestling but since she is a cute one give it a try. Or I'll have Goldberg go to your house and spear you through the front door.
Sportszone: ESPN website. If you like sports GO HERE!
ICQ: a cool little program you can use to trade goldberg pics!! 3094621 is my #. If you want to trade feel free to message me
WCW Site: The Official WCW website
Goldberg: The Official Goldberg Webpage
Goldberg Site: Has some Goldberg pics and a bio.