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WCW Uncensored March 14, 1999

Match 1: Cruiserweight Title Match- Billy Kidman d. Mickey Whipwreck.

Match 2: Stevie Ray d. Vincent with the slapjack.

Match 3: Kevin Nash w/ Lex Luger and Miss Elizabeth d. Rey Mysterio with the jacknife power bomb

Match 4: Jerry Flynn d. Ernest Miller and Sonny Onoo. The Cat beat Jerry Flynn to the ground for most of the match and when it was Sunny's turn to get into the ring he would run scared and it eventually cost them the match.

Match 5: Hak d. Bam Bam Bigelow and Raven w/ Chastity. This was a great match. All sorts of crap was brought into the ring. Anything from cookie trays to trash cans and tables. Bam Bam appeared to have the upper hand until Raven's sister shot the fire extingusher on him and then she blasted her own brother allowing the half dead Hak to get the victory.

Match 6: Tag Team Championship- Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko d. Curt Hennig and Barry Windham. 8 men stood outside the ring with belts they used to beat the combatants when they fell outside the ring. Arn Anderson somehow ended up replacing one of the lumberjacks and it helped the Horsemen. He threw a tire iron into the ring. Benoit came off the top rop with a headbutt and the Horsemen are the new champs.

Match 7: Dog Collar Match: Perry Saturn d. Chris Jericho. Saturn needed 2 DVD's to put away the always annoying Chris Jericurl.

Match 8: Television Title Match, Booker T. d. Scott Steiner w/ Buff Bagwell. Big Poppa Pump controlled this match until the end. As Booker T. was coming along Buff tried to help with the use of a chair but instead nailed B.P.P and cost him the title.

Match 9: WCW Heavyweight Title Match. Ric Flair d. Hollywood Hogan. This was a good match although the whole idea of the first man to bleed would lose was throw out the window. Early in the match Flair bled then later on Hogan bled. The fought and fought until Arn's trusty tire iron saved the day. It allowed Flair to put Hogan in the figure-four and get the pin. Flair is the only man to win the title 14 times.


WCW SuperBrawl IX February 21, 1999

Match 1: Booker T. d. Disco Inferno with the Harlem Hangover.

Match 2: Chris Jericho d. Perry Saturn by countout.

Match 3: Kidman d. Chavo Guerrero with the Shooting Star Press.

Match 4: Barry Windham & Curt Hennig d. Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko to win the tag tourney and become the new WCW Tag Team Champs.

Match 5: Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner d. DDP with the Steiner Recliner to retain his Tv Title.

Match 6: Kevin Nash and Scott Hall(replacing an injured Lex Luger) d. Rey Mysterio and Konnan. Because Rey and Konnan lost Rey had to take off his prized mask. I wish Konnan would take his mask off as well.

Match 7: Scott Hall d. Rowdy Roddy Piper. This match was full of outside interference. Nash and Disco caused some problems. In the end it was Hall pinning Piper while using the ropes for leverage. Scott Hall is the new U.S. Champ.

Match 8: Goldberg d. Bam Bam Bigelow. This was a good match. Both men knocking each other around. In the end it was Goldberg getting the win with the help of 2 spears and a Jackhammer.

Match 9: Hollywood Hogan d. Ric Flair. This was a great match. Blood and guts were all shed in the ring. That blonde piece of ass in the red dress came down to the ring and eventually a masked man with that infamous taser came down and zapped Ric Flair with it. Hogan rolled over on Flair and got the pinfall. The masked man turned out to be David Flair sporting an nWo Wolfpac shirt.


WCW SOULED OUT January 17, 1999

Match 1: Chris Benoit d. Mike Enos. A hard fought match. Benoit won with the crippler crossface

Match 2: The dancing fool Norman Smiley d. Chavo Guerrero Jr. This match was funny. Both men dancing and smacking each others asses. They will probably have sex after the match. As for Norman he beat Chavo by throwing Pepe's ashes in Chavo's face and landing him in the chicken wing submission

Match 3: Fit Finlay d. Van Hammer

Match 4: Bam Bam Bigelow d. Wrath. Good match. Bam Bam won with the greetings from asbury park slam after Wrath hit his head on the ring post.

Match 5: Lex Luger d. Konnan. Konnan had Lex in the Tequila Sunrise until Miss Elizabeth came down and sprayed black paint in Konnan's face. God Elizabeth looked good.

Match 6: Chris Jericho d. Perry Saturn. It was a cheap win with a fast count. So Saturn had to put on a dress.

Match 7: 4-man 4 corner match for the Cruiserweight Title. Winner: Billy Kidman.

Match 8: Ric and David Flair d. Barry Windham and Curt Hennig. After they scored the pin the whole nWo came out and beat the piss outta David Flair after they handcuffed Ric to the ropes..It was a pathetic display. Hogan beat on David with his belt while other members held him down and hit David themselves. Finally nWo left.

Match 9: Goldberg d. Scott Hall. Well it was a great fight. Goldberg was bleeding all over. He also had a bum left knee thanks to a sneak attack by nWo earlier in the show. This is no suprise. Disco Inferno came down to the ring to help Hall. He helped Hall get the tazer but Bill dodged Hall and kicked the tazer free.. Bill then tossed it in the air. When Scott reached up to grab it Goldberg speared him then he jackhammered him. Next he stood over Scott Hall and zapped em for the win.


Starrcade December 27th 1998

Match 1- In the 3-way match Kidman pinned Juvi. Eddie Guerrero came down to help Juvi but Ray Mysterio drop kicked em both and Kidman scored the pin. Afterwards Eddie challenged Kidman for the belt and Kidman accepted.

Match 2- Kidman defeated Eddie Guerrero with the shooting star press.

Match 3- Norman Smiley defeated Prince Iaukea with the chicken wing submission hold.

Match 4- Saturn defeated Ernest Miller with the DVD. Finally someone beat that prick. Sonny Ono tried to spin kick Saturn, instead he hit Ernest and Saturn nailed him with the DVD to win.

Match 5- Scott Norton and Bryan Adams defeated Jerry Flynn and Fit Finlay.

Match 6- Konnan defeated Chris Jericho with the Tequila Sunrise submission hold

Match 7- Eric Bischoff defeated Ric Flair. This match was a joke. Flair had Eric in the figure four and Eric was gone but the ref was knocked out. Then Curt Hennig tossed in a pair of brass knuckles to Eric who decked Flair with them, of course the ref is awake for this one and Eric pins the knocked out Flair for the win.

Match 8- DDP defeated the Giant. Good match, Bret Hart came down to the ring and tried to hit DDP with a chair. Instead he nailed the Giant with it knocking him back. DDP then took control and eventually hit him with the Diamond Cutter for the victory

Match 9- Kevin Nash defeated Goldberg- This match was a good one. Back and forth it went until Goldberg was taking over. As soon as this happened everyone and their mother came down to the ring to help Nash. First it was nWo Wolfpac wannabe Disco Inferno but he got his ass kicked by Goldberg. Next Bam Bam Bigelow came to the ring but Goldberg took him out too..Then out of nowhere Scott Hall dressed up as security came in and nailed Goldberg with some stun gun tazer deal which stunned Goldberg and then Nash hit him with the Jacknife for the victory. It was cheap as hell but what can you do.


World War III November 22nd 1998

Match 1: Chris Jericho d. Bobby Duncum to retain his TV Title Belt

Match 2: The Cat and Sonny Onoo defeated Saturn and Kaz Hayashi. Cat hit Saturn with a spinning wheel kick and Onoo fell on Saturn for the win

Match 3: Stevie Ray w/ Vincent defeated Konnan. Konnan was disqualified when he decked the referee

Match 4: Wrath defeated Glacier with the Meltdown

Match 5: Kevin Nash and Scott Hall was a No Contest. Bischoff had nWo members attack Scott Hall before the match started. Nash came in and made the save but didn't forgive Hall

Match 6: Scott vs Rick Steiner was a No Contest. Scott and his buds beat the hell outta Rick until DA MAN GOLDBERG came down and made the save

Match 7: Kidman defeated Juventud Guerrera. Before the match Juvi said he joined the LWO. Ray Mysterio claimed that Juvi sold him out..So Mysterio interfered in the match helping Kidman get the victory. Kidman is the Cruiserweight Champ.

Match 8: DDP defeated Bret Hart. After 30 minutes of wrestling DDP nailed Hart with the diamond cutter and scored the win

60 MAN BATTLE ROYAL WINNER: KEVIN NASH -------------------------------------------------------------------

Halloween Havoc Oct 25th 1998 Match 1: Chris Jericho defeated Raven with the Lion Tamer to retain his Television Belt.

Match 2: Wrath defeated Meng with the Meltdown.

Match 3: Disco Inferno defeated Juventud Guerrera. Disco would later go on in the same telecast to face Kidman for the Cruiserweight belt.

Match 4: German stooge Alex Wright defeated Fit Finley with a reverse neck breaker.

Match 5: Saturn beat the hell out of Lodi then got the victory with the Death Valley Driver.

Match 6: Kidman defeated Disco Inferno with the Shooting Star off the top rope to retain his Cruiserweight championship.

Match 7: Rick Steiner vs Scott Steiner...Ok this match was very interesting. In the beginning of the telecast Buff Bagwell came out and said he wants to watch Rick's back and that he was through with nWo and Scott Steiner. So Rick agreed to a tag match between himself and Buff against Giant and Scott Steiner for the Tag Team Belts. If nWo lost the match Scott would have to fight Rick for 15 mins. So the match happens and about half way through Buff tags in and hits Rick and goes back with Scott(gee never saw that happen before) So Buff takes off and leaves and Rick is left by himself...Eventually Rick takes over and pins the Giant after executing a running bulldog. So because of this Scott had to fight Rick. Eventually Rick beat Scott and scored the pin. Steiner has the tag belts but he doesn't have a partner.

Match 8: Kevin Nash vs Scott Hall. This was a pretty good match. Lots of hard blows and blood. Hall started off by kicking Nash's ass all over the place. Eventually Nash took over and jacknifed Hall a couple of times then for no reason left the ring which cost him the match. A beaten up Scott Hall won by count-out.

Match 9: Bret Hart vs Sting- This was a pretty crappy match. Sting accidently elbowed the Ref knocking him out cold. While the Ref was out Bret Hart went and got Sting's baseball bat and hit him with it knocking him out. Bret Hart then woke up the Ref and then put Sting in the sharpshooter for the win. Bret Hart is still US Champ.

Match 10: Hogan vs Warrior- This match was pretty much the same as it was 8 years ago. Both guys take turns beating each other. Ref gets knocked out. Both men pin each other while the ref is out. nWo interferes with everything cept the kitchen sink. Next thing you know Horace, Hogan's supposed newphew comes down only days after being beaten up by Uncle Hogan and slams the Warrior with a chair. Hogan rolls over and pins the Warrior. Hogan and Horace hug like 2 little girls

Match 11: Goldberg vs DDP- This was a great match. Both wrestlers showing of their mat talents and power. Goldberg attemped a spear and he missed crushing his right shoulder against the ring post. DDP took advantage. Then Goldberg speared this time hitting with one arm, but when he went for the jackhammer he was unsuccessful because of his bum right shoulder. He tried again and then DDP put him in the diamond cutter. DDP however took too long to pull himself together and pin Goldberg. Goldberg then kicked out of the diamond cutter..DDP was frustrated and when they got up Goldberg finally this time had the strength to get DDP up and he jackhammered DDP for the win. GOLDBERG IS STILL DA MAN. -------------------------------------------------------------------

WCW FALLBRAWL Sept 14th, 1998

Match 1: British Bulldog and Jim Neidhart defeated Disco Inferno and Alex Wright after Bulldog nailed Disco with the running power slam for the 1-2-3.

Match 2: Chris Jericho came out saying he was gonna fight Goldberg. It was a prank. It was some midget dressed as Goldberg and Jericho beat the hell out of him for the win.

Match 3: The Cat Ernest Miller defeated Norman Smiley(the warren moon lookin dood with the pink tights>

Match 4: Rick Steiner vs Scott Steiner. Well they finally fought, sort of. They were battling for about 10 mins then Buff Bagwell came onto the ropes and Rick tossed him into the post and Buff fell and grabbed his neck saying he was hurt..They took him out on a stretcher and the matched was called off because everyone thought Buff was hurt. Just as the ambulance was ready to drive off Buff and Scott got out of the ambulance and beat up Rick. So much for that. The match was called a no-decision.

Match 5: Juventud Guerrera defeated Silver King after connecting with the Juvi driver and then the 450 off the top rope. Juvi is still Cruiserweight champ.

Match 6: Saturn defeated Raven with the death valley driver. Despite outside interference from Lodi and Kanyon(Who was hancuffed to the post outside the ring) Saturn was able to get the victory. Saturn also kicked out of Kanyon's FLatliner and Raven's evenflow before getting the win. The flock is free.

Match 7: Konnan defeated Scott Hall after getting Hall in the Tequila Sunrise and Hall tapped out.

Match 8: Dean Malenko vs. Curt Hennig<> This match was a pretty good one. Malenko won by DQ. Of course Rick Rude came in they were beating on Malenko when Arn Anderson came out only to get hit on the back of the neck and taken down himself.

Just to let you know they also announced that tomorrow on Monday Nitro Goldberg is going to fight Sting for the WCW/NWO Heavyweight Championship of the World.

Match 9: WARGAMES: Order of arrival into the ring. 1.)DDP 2.)Bret Hart 3.) Stevie Ray 4.)Sting 5.) Roddy Piper 6.)Lex Luger 7.)Kevin Nash 8.) Hollywood SCUM Hogan 9.) Warrior

This was pretty good, kind of boring though. The action began when Hogan and the Warrior got together in the ring. Clouds of smoke appeared and everyone was on the ground and the Warrior was beating the hell out of Hollywood. Then Hollywood ran away for dear life and Warrior chased him. So as Warrior was chasing Hollywood DDP nailed Stevie Ray with the diamond cutter and got the 1-2-3. Winner of Wargames--DDP.

Nitro Results for Sept 7th, 1998

Well this my first report and my dumbass slept through the show. haha. I did however wake up in time for the last few matches.

Goldberg beat the crap outta Scott Putski rather easily to move his record to 141-0.

In the main event it was DDP and Roddy Vs. Sting and Luger from the Wolfpack. This was a pretty even match. About 7-10 minutes into the match Kevin Nash came into the ring and jacknifed DDP and took his wolfpack shirt and layed it across his back. Since DDP decided not to join the wolfpack he paid the price.

After that match there was the big Hogan crap at the end. Hogan and the Giant were standing in the steel cage and Hogan was going off on how if the Warrior wants to fight Hogan he had to beat the Giant. Sorta what he did with Scott Hall and Goldberg. So next thing you know a cloud of smoke appears and when it clears up Giant is on the floor knocked out and the Warrior is sitting in a chair. He then chases Hogan around for a minute. Then Bischoff comes out and saves Hogan and locks the Warrior in the cage...Smoke comes up and the Warrior dissappears again. Hogan looks like a little girl scared out of his boots just like before.

I don't know about you people but I just want this to get going. All this pre-match talk and the Warrior giving 20 minute speeches is boring and old. I liked it better when Warrior came out beat the hell outta whoever and then left.

Check back here on Thursday for Thunder results . I will try to stay awake for this one. LoL